Mansfield Landscaping FAQs

Q. How much will my Mansfield landscaping cost?
A. That's a far more complicated question than it seems. The fact is that there's no way to estimate over the internet or over the phone. Every Mansfield job is different, and your price will depend upon exactly what you want. Things like light fixtures or plants, for example, will change the price depending on the cost of supplies. We're happy to meet with you, review your situation and provide you with a free estimate.

Q. What's the difference between landscaping and lawn care?
A. Landscaping generally means the act of creating your Mansfield, TX lawn or property's overall appearance. This can include planting, grading, installing ponds, walkways, and lighting, and much more. Think of it as the construction of your lawn. It will really only occur once, or on occasion when you want to change something. Lawn care, on the other hand, is basically the maintenance aspect of your property. Mowing the grass, trimming weeds, pruning bushes, removing leaves, and other basic maintenance steps are included in lawn care. It's often done weekly or bi-weekly.

Q. What does Mansfield 'landscape design' mean?
A. You can't just run out into your Mansfield, TX lawn and start digging holes, planting plants, and hoping for the best. To get a property that looks amazing and that will actually last, you need to spend time designing your landscape. This is a much more complicated process than most people think. Things like sunlight, the time of year a specific plant blooms, water drainage, and much more all need to be considered during the design phase. That's why it's best to let the professionals help with the design process.

Q. Is insurance and licensure really that important?
A. You probably wouldn't let an unskilled mechanic work on your car, or an amateur electrician wire your Mansfield, TX home. So why would you trust your landscaping to some local teenagers? A lot of things can go wrong during landscaping. From cutting a buried telephone or electrical wire to grading a slope wrong and funneling rainwater underneath your home, there are plenty of issues to avoid. With Mansfield professionals who are insured, you don't have to worry about shouldering the costs on your own or about common mistakes being made.

Q. Will landscaping improve my Mansfield home's value?
A. It depends on just what you do when you're landscaping. Just planting a couple of bushes or a tree probably won't influence value that much. But adding features like fences, ponds, decorative walls, gardens, and more will help raise property values in many cases. Major brush removal and property improvements can help increase value, too, and could be worth doing.

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